Sunday, August 22, 2010

More About Propolis

Propolis, also well-known as Russian Penicillin, is strong antioxindant, anti-microbe, and natural antibiotic produced by body. Because it is natural, propolis does not make body's immune system weaken if it is unproperly used. Propolis even make our immune system increase naturally.

The main function of propolis is to neutralize poison, strengthen body immunity, antibiotic, annihilate bad bacteria and fungus, clean out viruses, repair damaged cells on tissue and body organ. It also strengthens cells, speeds up cell regeneration, etc.

Supporting Natural Body Immunity
Men have very complex of body immune system. It consists of many various cells, tissue and organ. All of them help the body protect itself in order to be healthy. This system works 24-hour every day to fight against dangerous microorganism which threathen human's healthy. Do you know that environment where we are living is surrounded by millions of dangerous bacteria, viruses and microorganism?

When we get wound, bacteria can easily penetrate into our body. When we eat and drink everything, there are so many germs and bacteria in it. Of course we do not see those bacteria with our bare eyes. So if our body immunity does not work well, we will easily get sick because of those bacteria and viruses. That is why it is very important for us to strenghten our body immunity. Consuming bee propolis is one of many ways to protect ourselves.

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