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Based on experiments and medical experiences for more than a half of century by various herbal experts form Japan, China and Korea, squalene has a lot of benefits that we can decribe them below:

1). Squalene as amplifier and adder of life spirit
Squalene is the main material to build cholesterol and steroid. CHolesterol has many function in the body such as for metabolism and for building vitamin D. However, cholesterol is also used to make hormone similar with steroid which also functions as hormone builder. Hormone is very important for human life. Without hormone, human beings are useless in their everyday life, physically and mentally. Old persons has decrease their sexual spirit because their hormone (estrogen and testoteron) decrease. So if they consume squalene, their sexual enthusiasm can increase to normal level, even more maximal.

2). Squalene as a healer of liver disorder.
It has been reported from some hospitals in Japan such as Hospital of Tokyo University, Fakuoka Hospital and National Hospital, that they have underwent some experiments to cure hepatitis. Finally, they concluded that squalene is benefits to heal many liver disorder.

3). benefit to cure diabetes
Diabetes is disease caused by shortage of insuline. Squalene is a main material to build hormone, in this case insuline hormone. By consuming squalene, pancreas is not only amplified and repaired, but it also helps increase insulin product needed by the body.

4). Increase immune system
Doctors in Japan believe that consuming squalene can make body immunity raise. It is because squalene's molecules consist of polymer isoprene called terpene and tripene. The substance proves to be able to become interferon inducer. Interferon can increase both amount and activities of cells of spinal cord, lymph gland, liver and thymus. The kind of cells increased their powerful and endurance are lymphosit T and B cells, and makrofaq sells.
So it is not wonder that before the invention of antibiotic, squalene were widely used to cure tuberculosis, hepatitis, diabetes, influenza, and etc.

5). As sterilizer and healer of wound
Squalene is effectively a source of oxigen supplier. It has the same function as Ozon where its on becomes microbe killer and O2 becomes metabolism activator of cells. Its positive effect is that the wound is not only easier to recover, but also it does not feel pain. It goes together with the theory developed by dr. Yoka that: Pain is caused by oxygen shortage.

6). Omitting weariness and shooting pain.
Weariness can happen because of precipation of lactate acid in skeletal muscles. The precipation is caused by uncomplete combustion. Because of rich of oxigen, squalene will supply oxygen to most part of the body. Lactate acid will be completely oxidated into CO2, H2O and energy. The muscle will become normal again and the body will feel fresh and health.
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  1. Hi, this article is very interesting and informative. I just recently heard of squalene and was researching it when I came across your article. I was wondering about number 3 where you write that the pancreas is amplified and repaired. Where did you learn this from and are there any studies, especially in regard to type 1 diabetes? Any information you can share would be great. Thanks! Sincerely, Rachel

  2. I saw that at The Health Store.

    Have read up a bit on Squalene and is apparently very high in antioxidant activity. Good health is a New Zealand brand making Squalene. High quality,
    made under strict New Zealand guidelines.


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